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FIELD TRIP 2: Syn-rift Sedimentation and Inversion Tectonics:
A Journey along the Meso-Cenozoic History and Petroleum Systems of the Colombian Eastern Cordillera. 

The Quetame Massif, 80 km east of Bogotá, hosts the most spectacular record of the Phanerozoic evolution of the Eastern Cordillera in a unique landscape. The fieldtrip will focus on the Early Cretaceous rift history and the control exerted by Mesozoic extensional faults in the Cenozoic building and the Petroleum Systems of the range. We will visit well exposed Lower Cretaceous syn- rift strata with abrupt facies changes associated to development of half-graben basins and will observe their stratal relationships with the uncomformably lying Paleozoic substratum. These observations will provide an exceptional view of structural and stratigraphic relations associated to early rift development.