Field Trip 2

Syn-rift Sedimentation and Inversion Tectonics:
A Journey along the Meso-Cenozoic History and Petroleum Systems of the Colombian Eastern Cordillera. 

Mauricio Parra Ph.D.
Andrés Mora Ph.D.
Mauricio Ibañez Mejía Ph.D.
Luis Ignacio Quiroz, candidate Ph.D.


September 29th to October 1st.
Field trip starts and ends at the ACGGP Office,
Calle 72 No 5 - 83 of. 902


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2.9 million pesos (U$ 1040)

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Night of 29: Chingaza National Park
Night of 30: Hotel El Campanario, Villavicencio


The Quetame Massif, 80 km east of Bogotá, hosts the most spectacular record of the Phanerozoic evolution of the Eastern Cordillera in a unique landscape. The fieldtrip will focus on the Early Cretaceous rift history and the control exerted by Mesozoic extensional faults in the Cenozoic building and the Petroleum Systems of the range. We will visit well exposed Lower Cretaceous syn- rift strata with abrupt facies changes associated to development of half-graben basins and will observe their stratal relationships with the uncomformably lying Paleozoic substratum. These observations will provide an exceptional view of structural and stratigraphic relations associated to early rift development.

The field trip appeals to structural geologists interested in rift geometries and their control on tectonic inversion, as well as to stratigraphers willing to observe superb field examples of syn-rift facies distributions and field analogues of stratigraphic traps associated to footwall uplifts.

The outcrop visits will be complemented with observation of seismic lines of type-localities with striking similar structural and stratigraphic relationships such as the North Sea and the Santos basin in Brazil, as well aswith discussion of geochronological and isotope geochemistry data that enable correlations with the Paleozoic sequences buried beneath the north Andean

Day 1: Landscape observations of the Cretaceous section from the Eastern Cordillera during the trip. In the afternoon, we will hike for two hours to visit the best exposures of Lower Cretaceous syn-rift rocks in the footwall (western) block of the San Juanito fault, within the National Park.

Day 2: Inspection of the Lower Cretaceous strata in the hanging-wall (eastern) block of the San Juanito fault in an area with the best exposures of the Lower Cretaceous unconformity, the syn-rift geometries, and the impressive tectonic geomorphology associated to the recent rapid exhumation of the area. This will be followed by a 3-hour hike to observe the syn-rift strata farther to the southwest, near the village of San Juanito (1900-2400)

Day 3: On rafting boats, we will visit the very well exposed Tertiary-Cretaceous and Paleozoic section along the Güejar river, across the Macarena range. We will compare the stratigraphy of this area outside the early Cretaceous rift domain with the much thicker syn- rift sequences of the Eastern Cordillera. Outstanding exposures will help understand the sedimentology of the most significant reservoir units in the Llanos basin, adjacent to the southern Llanos giant oil fields and close to the Caguán basin exploratory blocks. In the afternoon,we will drive back to Bogota, and will visit the Lower Cretaceous unconformity in Puente Quetame.