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The Andean region has been confronted recently with the reality of a reduction in both the number of discoveries and their associated hydrocarbon accumulations, which becomes a Challenge for the countries in the region, that  see their energy self-supply and fiscal income compromised, and also for explorationists who have to focus on a different way of thinking the geology of the sub-Andean basins with new ideas, search for new exploratory plays and creative ways to interpret the very same data. This conveys us to face new Frontiers not only geological but also for the knowledge and the necessity for team work in order to break this declining tendency. This is precisely the motivation for the XII Bolivarian Symposium – 2016: New Frontiers, New Challenges.

In order to inspire the creativity in the search for viable and profitable opportunities, this Symposium will include experts in challenging topics like offshore plays, shale gas plays, heavy oil extraction experiences and exploration in mature basins where new resources could be found.

The poster session, will keep the electronic format that promotes interaction with the speaker. The best papers will be recognized, following an electronic voting system that motivates the participation of the audience. Included in the short courses program previous to the event, we will have topics in Geology of the Caribbean basins, Microseismics and Geomechanical applications, in addition to the usual topics in sequence stratigraphy, tectonics and geophysics.

Our own mind sets the Frontiers: the Challenge is to share experiences and knowledge with the participants to achieve the goal of identifying new environmentally sustained resources. Our appointment is in Bogotá next September, 2016!

1. Regional Studies & New Exploratory Ideas

Regional Concepts / New Plays & New ideas

2. Petroleum Systems  

Case Studies interdisciplinary exploration

3. Heavy Oil Resources 

Heavy Oil Potential in Latin America, EOR

4. Structural / Tectonic Geology 

Structural Modeling / Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 

5. Geophysics 

Interpretation techniques / Non-Seismic Geophysical Methods 

6.Unconventional Hydrocarbons (HNC) 

Historical cases / Resource estimate for HNC

7. Characterization of reservoir

Modeling and Characterization Reservoir / Production Techniques