The XII Bolivarian Symposium covers a wide range of activities designed to meet the interest of an equally diverse range of industry professionals. Social events provide the right environment to strengthen ties of friendship.

The technological exhibition gathers, in one single place, a complete sample of the leading technology that is applied to solve the complex problems found in hydrocarbon exploration. The core of this event is constituted by the technical presentations (oral, posters, and e-posters) whose content is recognized by their high quality and relevance. The academic component takes place in events that facilitate the communication between students and industry representatives and helps to consolidate the activities of the numerous student chapters conformed in the region. 

In this opportunity we will have again the special space designated for business promotion in the so-called ONE - “Oportunidades de Negocios Exploratorios”, (Exploratory Business Opportunities) where companies interested in promoting their opportunities, will be able to do so in an environment specially designed for such activity. 

Technical courses and active participation of national and international professional organizations complement the range of possibilities which take place in the main event organized by the Colombian Association of Petroleum Geologists and Geophysicists.